Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Review: Firsthand

The latest book on my review list is 'Firsthand' 
by brothers Ryan and Josh Shook


It is written to inspire people who have grown up in the church or in Christian homes and have yet to make the faith they have grown up with, their own or personal. 
There comes a time in each persons life where they need to know what they believe and why.  They need to take the faith they have grown up with and personalize it. Live it out loud in their own lives. The Shooks encourage each person to question their doubts, fill the emptiness in their lives with the only One who can and will fill them.  They also remind us that "our weaknesses can become our greatest assets because they draw us closer to the Lord". They encourage stepping out in 'faith risks', stepping out in reckless abandon to obey God.  It is a book that challenges each person to individually examine their faith and gives encouraging steps to become filled with a genuine faith that belongs to them alone.  
I think that the book is well written, the intent behind the book is true and they have done their best to lay a clear path based on personal experience.  
In thinking back to my own personal history, which would have been exactly the target audience this book was aimed at, I questioned whether this book would have been helpful to me?  
The first question that came to mind is, if someone is living their faith secondhand through their parents/church, would they be willing to read a book on this topic?  The answer I have come to is: maybe.  If the person has awakened to their need for more - then yes, I think this book could be very beneficial.  It will definitely lead them in the right direction.
Maybe you are looking for more in your faith, or you know someone else who is.  This book is for you.
You can find it here at Amazon or on CBD.  
Thanks to Multnoma's blogging for books program for this copy of 'Firsthand'

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dish Soap Stand {a tutorial}

                       I found this fun idea on Pinterest.  

I loved it and wanted to rush right out and buy all the pieces to make it that minute. But I live 1 1/2 hours from the nearest Target/TJ Maxx/ or any other cool store. So in an effort to be thrifty, I spent the next year looking for the perfect candle stick.  I had found one last summer, but alas, it came as a set and I liked them too much to tear them apart.  So, patiently waiting and keeping my eyes open, I finally found one at a rummage sale with my mom and sister this past weekend.  It did come in a set of three, but I convinced my mom that she only needed two candle sticks to be happy.  She wasn't sure she believed me but I convinced her that I needed that single, solitary candle stick to make my life complete.  
The best part though?  The original owner of those candle sticks was selling the whole 3 piece set for 1.00!  I actually had to look twice at the sticker, I couldn't believe it! 
That's what I call a super score!
I got my super cute plate from TJ Maxx of course. 

Here is all you need: 
1-candle stick
1-cute plate
1-hot glue gun

Just make sure that the top of your candle stick is smaller than the bottom of your plate of course! 

Heat up your hot glue gun and slap some hot glue on that candle stick.

Turn your cute plate upside down and stick the candle stick in the center of it. Make sure you work quickly so that the glue doesn't cool down and harden before you get it on the plate. 

And voile! You have a beautiful stand to add style and beauty to your kitchen sink.  Which frankly could use a little pick-me-up, at least in my house. 

All you need to do is add your dish soap and hand soap to your lovely new stand.  I put my dish soap in a glass decanter that I picked up from TJ Maxx for $4.00. That way it looks even prettier.  I may have to find a pretty bottle for the hand soap next.


I hope this inspires you to make your space a little less ordinary.  Beauty and creativity don't have to be 
expensive or difficult! 
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