Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recipe: Mexican Rice

Did I ever tell you about the most amazing Mexican rice recipe I have ever tasted?
I don't think I did.
Because I am a loving person, I will share this recipe with you today.
I am fairly certain that I got this recipe from homesicktexan.blogspot.com.

I love this rice because it has so much flavor.  
So much Spanish/Mexican rice that I have tasted is just too blah. It tastes more like chicken stock than anything remotely Spanish flavored.  
Not this rice.  
It has copious amounts of tomato, lime, and cilantro flavors bursting out of it. 
Mmmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
It is a perfect compliment to fajita's, taco's, quesadilla's, enchilada's, tamale's or any other Mexican dish you love!

You can practically see the flavor! 
Here is the recipe: 

Mexican Rice from homesicktexan.blogspot.com

1 C - rice
2 C -chicken broth
1 TBS - butter
1 TBS - olive oil
1 - small onion, diced
4 - cloves garlic, minced
1/4 C - tomato paste
1 TBS - lime juice
1/2 C - cilantro
1 TBS - cumin
salt to taste

-Add rice, broth and butter to pot.
-bring to a boil on High, stir once and cover
-simmer on low for 20 minutes
- remove from heat and keep covered for an additional 10 minutes

- meanwhile in a large skillet cook onion in olive oil until just about brown.  Add garlic to pan, stir and cook for 1 minute.  Stir in tomato paste and cumin. Cook for 1 minute. 
- mix in cooked rice, lime juice and cilantro. 
Season to taste and enjoy!

It is so tasty! 
You'll be glad you made it.
Trust me! 

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Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY Wooden Sign

I was in need of a bridal shower gift.
Of course I looked on Pinterest to find an idea.
I love the rustic wooden signs that people have been making.
So I went to my local handy man, aka, Hunky Hubby, and begged him to help me.
He is so handy with a saw.
He whipped up this fantastic rustic wood sign for me.
I didn't really even have to beg.
That's cause he looooves me.(insert kissy noises here)
Plus, it only took him about 6.8 seconds to whip the whole thing together.
It would have taken me approximately 6.8 years.

The sign was almost beautiful enough by itself.
H.H.'s handy work is that good.
However, I thought it might be nice if the gift came with a little effort from both of us, so I decided it needed a message on it.
Something romantic.
There isn't anything more romantic than the Song Of Solomon, from the Bible.
Have you ever read it?
It's gets pretty steamy if you can read between the lines and understand what those word pictures stand for.
Anyway, I pulled my quote from chapter 6 verse 3.
It says "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."
But I only used the first part.

Otherwise, that's way too much to paint on a little ol' sign.
I researched online how to transfer the lettering from a piece of paper to the wooden sign.
It didn't work.
Probably because my wood was too rough.
So, after going through the process of designing the text on my computer, driving to camp to blow it up on the xerox machine (because I don't know how to do it on my printer), and trying to transfer it to the sign, I ended writing it all by hand with chalk.
Chalk works great because you can paint over it and then wipe off the excess with a wet paper towel after the paint has dried.
I used some brushes with fine tips and some acrylic craft paint I had in my 'stash.
The lettering was still a little bit challenging because of the rough texture of the wood.
In the end, I think it turned out nicely.
I just hope the bride-to-be enjoys it.

What do you think?  
I love hearing your comments.
If I decided to make some of these signs and sell them, what do you think they would be worth?

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Have an inspired Monday!


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Monday, April 22, 2013

It's The Little Things

I was down in Fond Du Lac visiting my mom so I took advantage of the opportunity and visited my favorite store, TJ MAXX.

It is probably a really good thing that I do not live in the same town as TJ.

It could cause some serious marital complications.

However, when I am in a town that has a TJ MAXX, I love to shop there first for the things I am looking for.  I love their selection, and their prices, especially if you can land a clearance item.  I also love that they have popular brand names for less, and that nearly everything they carry is stylish. 

Anyway, I really love their section on kitchen gadgets and dishes.

I mean, REALLY love it.

I found a little treasure during my last visit that cost me only $2.99 but promises to make my life easier and make me smile all at the same time.

It's for my kitchen sink.
Which usually looks like this; only messier and piled full of dirty dishes. 
I cleaned up for you.
You can thank me later.

Watch what happens when you move in for a closer look though:

Wait .  .  . What's that in the sink?

Yep, it's a pig.

Isn't it cute?  And no, I do not think that this little pig strainer is stylish.  However, it is whimsical and kinda cheers up an otherwise dull job.  Plus, it functions much better than my last one which was made out of mesh material and was impossible to keep clean.  This little piggy works just right.

Totally worth the $2.99.

And because it's a pig, it doesn't mind doing the dirty work.
So what do you think about that?

Oh, this little guy is made by a company called Jo!e.  You can check out this website for more of their products. They have a whole line of animalified (I made that word up) kitchen utensils and gadgets.  If I was going to equip a kids kitchen, I'd be all over these babies.  As it is, I think the pig will probably be my only animal addition to my kitchen.  But hey, if you love farm critters, head to your nearest TJ MAXX and buy up a bunch of fun kitchen tools!  This one seems to be really well made and it functions perfectly.

Plus, it makes me smile.

What kind of crazy things do you keep around your house that bring a smile to your face?
Leave a comment and let me know.

***p.s. I was not in any way compensated for the review on this Jo!e brand product or the store     TJ MAXX.  I just like to share the things I love. 
I'm nice like that.

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