Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY Wooden Sign

I was in need of a bridal shower gift.
Of course I looked on Pinterest to find an idea.
I love the rustic wooden signs that people have been making.
So I went to my local handy man, aka, Hunky Hubby, and begged him to help me.
He is so handy with a saw.
He whipped up this fantastic rustic wood sign for me.
I didn't really even have to beg.
That's cause he looooves me.(insert kissy noises here)
Plus, it only took him about 6.8 seconds to whip the whole thing together.
It would have taken me approximately 6.8 years.

The sign was almost beautiful enough by itself.
H.H.'s handy work is that good.
However, I thought it might be nice if the gift came with a little effort from both of us, so I decided it needed a message on it.
Something romantic.
There isn't anything more romantic than the Song Of Solomon, from the Bible.
Have you ever read it?
It's gets pretty steamy if you can read between the lines and understand what those word pictures stand for.
Anyway, I pulled my quote from chapter 6 verse 3.
It says "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."
But I only used the first part.

Otherwise, that's way too much to paint on a little ol' sign.
I researched online how to transfer the lettering from a piece of paper to the wooden sign.
It didn't work.
Probably because my wood was too rough.
So, after going through the process of designing the text on my computer, driving to camp to blow it up on the xerox machine (because I don't know how to do it on my printer), and trying to transfer it to the sign, I ended writing it all by hand with chalk.
Chalk works great because you can paint over it and then wipe off the excess with a wet paper towel after the paint has dried.
I used some brushes with fine tips and some acrylic craft paint I had in my 'stash.
The lettering was still a little bit challenging because of the rough texture of the wood.
In the end, I think it turned out nicely.
I just hope the bride-to-be enjoys it.

What do you think?  
I love hearing your comments.
If I decided to make some of these signs and sell them, what do you think they would be worth?

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Have an inspired Monday!


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Anonymous said...

Its beautiful! I'm just now getting into making signs for gifts....I love it! The transferring is a challenge for me too. What kind of wood is that? Its nice