Monday, October 27, 2014

At The Doctor

The other day Wyat and I had to spend some time at the Dr's office. 
Let me tell you, Dr visits are so much easier now that the kids aren't toddlers. I mean really, is there any place you can think of where it is harder to keep an inquisitive toddler entertained for those slowly moving minutes?
Kids are definitely easier, as long as you bring along technological devices. If you don't there is still a lot of touching of inappropriate things and asking of awkward questions.
Wyat, "Mommy, what are these for?" 
Me, "Peoples legs."
Wyat, "Why would your legs need to go in these?"
Me, "Just because they do sometimes. We'll talk about it later."
Although I have no intention of bringing up that line of questioning again. I already have had to field the "Mom, what made them get a baby in their tummy?" questions. I am sometimes astounded and amazed at the simple answers this kid who has a thousand questions will actually accept. 

One thing you can do if you have to wait in the Dr's office for cultures and blood tests, is take pictures on your phone. 
So we did. 
It resulted in these fabulous close-ups of our eye balls.

Exhibit A: Wyat

Exhibit B: Me

Don't we look exactly the same?
DNA is seriously cool. 
We may not have the same color eyes, but there are a few things we share. 
We are both the last born child.
Because of that, we share a few personality traits. 
(If you've never studied birth order, you should. It's very interesting. Here's a link to a good book :
We both bruise easily.
We both love soft blankies and chocolate.

So, regardless of the glaring difference of our eye color, we are alike. Mother and son.
Nothing like an extended Dr apt to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about your baby.

Ideally, I would like my good qualities to be what my children inherit from me. That means I have to model those good behaviors way more than I model the bad ones. That old phrase, 'do as I say, not as I do', really doesn't work. 
Just reason #28,765 why it's challenging to be a parent. 
Incidentally, my baby is fine. It turns out he had mononucleosis and we didn't know it. So, FYI: if your kid has a day with a little fever, and complains of a sore throat for over a week, and complains of bellyaches off and on for over a week, he might have mono. 
Having mono doesn't mean that your child will be laid up in bed for a week or more. My child was acting normal, playing normal, and eating mostly normal. He just kept complaining off and on of these aches. Early on, we took him in for a strep throat culture that came back negative. By the time we took him in for blood work, he was mostly over it. 
                                        Lesson learned.  Pin It