Wednesday, August 25, 2010

end of summer blues

So who has time for blogging when summer is almost over! We have been trying to live it up before it's gone.
We have been camping with friends, I even slept in a tent! Haven't done that in awhile.
We have been to the beach a couple of more times. ( Lost 2 pairs of goggles of course).
We have had company after company, it seems the house has been full for awhile now. So fun to share our home.
My sister and kids even managed to come for a visit. I love watching the little boys play, Ian and Wyat. They are very cute together.
And we also got to see my Dad and Mom.
Plus we had a sleep over with Tracy and Caden.
Most fun of all was the cute diaper/wipes case my sister and I worked on together that I need to take a pic of and post. I think Amanda (our cousin) will love using it for her new bambino.
I can't believe summer is almost over . . .
It has been so much fun!
I've got the end of summer blues.
I don't want to see it end!
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