Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month.
To help raise awareness of this unique condition our family participated in the Fox Cities Down Syndrome Awareness Walk.
We walked on behalf of a family we know who assembled a team to support their daughter Lydia.

She is an adorable little girl with an inner joy that lights up her face.
She is also a fighter, full of sass and personality.
She had to be. It was a rough few months at the beginning of her precious life.
But nothing is holding her back.

The walk was hosted in Neenah Wisconsin. 
I am very impressed with how organized the event was and with all the fun activities they had for the kids to participate in.

The kids all had a blast in the bounce houses and on the bungee trampolines. We got there early and the kids were able to take a turn right away before the lines started.

 There was also face painting.  A couple of the girls painting faces were true artists that turned out some amazing designs.

We also got lunch for $2.00 a piece. They gave out a hamburger and a hot dog, chips, a cookie or two and a soda. All the food was donated by an area business.

As you can see there were also clowns who made some pretty impressive balloon hats.
All of the activities were free with your registration which with lunch and a t-shirt was only $7.00.
The kids had more fun than at the fair.

And even though the weather was drippy, there was no raining on this parade! 

My whole family plus my mom and dad, niece and nephews were a part of Team Lydibug, pictured above. 
We had a great time in the name of a great cause and through this event a large sum of money was raised to aid people who have Down Syndrome and their families.

One of the reasons we were interested in being involved in this activity was because as a family, we value life.  
People who find out that they are pregnant with a child who may have Down Syndrome are often encouraged to consider abortion as an option. 
We don't believe that a child with Down Syndrome is any less valuable than a child without that diagnosis.
We want to support the families who have chosen to believe in the beauty and the sanctity of life of these awesome children. 
With the proper love, care, and support, a person with Down Syndrome can grow to lead an independent and productive life. 

I would encourage you, if you feel that way too, to investigate your local area and see how you can participate in a similar event. Or maybe there is already something else close to your heart, see what's going on in your area and get involved! 

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