Monday, June 29, 2015

Repurposed on Purpose - Bandanna Napkins

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to dress up your summer dinner table? What about an easy and fun napkin solution? 
Have you ever thought about using Bandannas? 

Last summer my mom purchased about 12 bandannas for me in bright colors to use as napkins. They are great! 
The size is perfect, they wash up well (make sure you buy the 100% cotton ones), and they do a great job of cleaning hands and faces. They are also pretty inexpensive. We found these for less than $1 a piece. Bandannas can be found in a wide variety of colors. I liked these bright ones for summer. But this year I was thinking of getting red, white, and blue for the July 4th holiday.

You can find Bandannas at a variety of stores, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, etc... They are pretty easy to come by. 

I stopped using paper napkins a couple of years ago and I don't regret it. We still keep paper towels around, but I really like using cloth napkins at our dinner table.

Adding a few cloths to the laundry is no big deal and they do a much better job of cleaning up certain messes than paper napkins do. 
Have you ever tried wiping grilled chicken off your hands with a paper napkin and ended up with more napkin on your hands than chicken on the napkin? I have. 

I like to fold our napkin bandannas up and keep them in a cute basket right in the middle of our table. It makes them readily available for everyone. 
Sometimes, company doesn't know what to do and so we show 'em! Just wipe that barbecue sauce right on that napkin, Mr. You'll be glad you did! 
Cloth napkins last for years and can be reused many times. I like to watch for different ones on clearance and switch them up for the seasons. It is a fun way to dress up your dining room table. 
Plus, I always feel a little fancier using my cloth napkins.
Maybe a little of that fancy feeling will eventually rub off on my man cubs in the form of better table manners. 
Hey, a mom can hope, right?!

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