Thursday, September 30, 2010

One month in . . .

So, one month into home schooling and it is going pretty well. We are following a four day schedule since there is always at least one day spent in town running errands and such. I made one amazingly good decision this year and bought the math curriculum from teaching text books. So glad they came out with third grade math this year! When it comes time to do math, I haven't gotten a complaint once! In fact, I don't even have to ask them to do their math, they ask me! It's amazing!
I love having my kids home with me. It is so much fun to see their minds unfold with new knowledge and it's amazing to see them master a new concept. You can tell when they finally "get it." It's neat to know that I helped them with that, I enjoy thinking that their memories of learning will be with me.
But I have to admit, when I look at my friends blogs and see all of the amazing photo's they are taking, or the great craft projects they are making, or the new ideas they are persuing. . .I get a little jealous.
I have realized that, unfortunately, I am not super woman. I can not do it all. But I could do more if I would just manage to become a little more disciplined. So I think I'll work on that.
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