Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I know it's hard because of the hat, but can you see the gleam of excitement in my middle son's eye? He caught this big mouth Bass. All by himself! He kept it together pretty well, not bragging too much about his fine catch in front of his brothers. However as the day went on, his fish story grew just like they all seem to, and we had to reign him back in a little bit. It was hard with all the grown ups fawning all over him and making such a big deal out of how BIG his bass was. I tell you what, I was a little surprised he could still hold his head up at the end of the day with how much it grew.
 I am really happy for him though, his excitement over his big catch was contagious. The smile wouldn't leave his face, mine either.
We all had a good time on our family vacation down in Greenville, IL but this memory will be tops for him for quite awhile. It may also be awhile before he catches a bigger fish. Pin It

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