Monday, October 24, 2011

My new favorite:

These babies are beautiful, simple, and useful. Three of my favorite qualities in a craft! They are paperclip bookmarks in case you weren't sure. They work amazingly well to hold your spot in a novel, cook book, or even magazine. Plus, they can be decorated to match almost any decor. They make a great teacher gift at Christmas time, or even a gift for that mom or sister who hasn't given it up to the e-reader yet (girls after my own heart).
I'll be using some of these sassy ladies in our school textbooks. I guess I'll just consider it a teacher gift to myself.
The button on top really helps you find your place again.
I may have to make some more of these. I did about 40 of them in one afternoon, then let the glue dry overnight! I'm loving them.
Look out friends, one of these may just show up in your christmas card. Pin It


Unknown said...

i love this. where'd you get the buttons?

Jana said...

I picked them up off of an Etsy site called 'Everything Ribbons'. You have to buy the paperclips and the buttons seperately and then you get to cover the buttons yourself with scrap fabrics. So easy and fun!