Saturday, November 5, 2011


 Thanks to the Lakewood Zoo, we got to pet 10 week old tigers!
This is a once in a lifetime experience people.

The first picture is of a little white tigerling and there were 2 orange tigerlings for us to play with.  All girls. In total, the Lakewood Zoo had 8 tigers babies. We got to torture play with 3 of them. They are as adorable as you think they would be. But not nearly as soft. They all felt kind of like an overwashed polar fleece blanket. I guess they don't come into that plush, velvety fur until they're more grown up. We got to inteact with these little critters on the very last day they were available to the public. Apparently the next day they would be able to disembowl you, but today you were still safe. One of the tigers did start to lick Wyat like he may be a tasty snack after the nap we just rudely interupted.  I only grew mildly concerned when they also started to bite. And not let go. Was I supposed to stick my fingers in between those pointy rows of teeth to rescue my childs jacket sleeve? I think I'd rather sacrifice the jacket.
We got to torment play with these tiger cubs for about an hour almost exclusively by ourselves.  At some point in time the two younger boys decided that since they were close in size to the tigers, then they should get to sit up on the tiger table and wrestle around with them too. Since the guy who was in charge didn't tell them to get down, we took full advantage. It was interesting, watching my sons wrestle with tigers. Especially after walking around the zoo and looking at the mommy tigers. Definitely no wrestling with them. It was definitely different than when you watch them wrestle with puppies. And these babies were starting to look a little hungry. Maybe it's time to go. We've had enough of our once in a lifetime experience.
I wish they would have had better lighting in there so my pictures would have turned out better.
And an air freshener. Phew! Pin It

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