Sunday, November 13, 2011


Isn't this little guy cute? I admit it, our house is a little obsessed with owls lately. I'm blaming those kids books and that movie ''Guardians of Ga'hoole". My boys have been on an owl binge ever since. But it's not just them. owl's have been popping up everywhere lately. I've seen them on towels, clothes, mugs, plates, stationary, wall decals, bedding and more. And why not? They are adorable.
So I decided to help feed the owl love in this house and I made this little guy. I haven't named him yet but I think he's cute enough to earn one. He's made out of felt and fabric scraps with some beans in his bottom so he'll stand up. Super thrifty craftiness going on here! This little guy probably cost about $0.50 to make.Yippee!
Oh, and I pulled out my Super Mama cape and helped each of my boys make one in a no-sew version for themselves. Theirs don't stand up but that's o.k., they like to take them to bed.  The little owls help them have sweet dreams. We used a hot glue gun for the no-sew version so just be careful with that around your little ones. I've had more than one finger burned by that stuff and it does not feel good. Shoo-wee!
I'll be keeping this little guy around to help cheer up the house this fall. The mantle will make a great perch for him. Get creative and make a little owl for your home!
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