Friday, December 2, 2011


Just have to squeeze those chubby cheeks!

 Who's having more fun?

We got to watch our little cutie-patootie today.  I don't think you can guess from the pictures that my boys adore her can you? Especially my middle son?
Just say it with me people - "So cute!!"
The poor girl almost can't handle all of the adoration when they are all 3 surrounding her on the floor, trying to talk to her, play with her, get her attention, make her smile.
I want to leave the room, and they aren't even talking to me!
My middle son can't keep his hands off her as you can see. He wants to hold her the whole time. When I left the room to go get something, our little chub-chub was sitting by herself, when I came back a few moments later, I found her in Seth's lap. I'm getting a little glimpse of the awesome daddy he might be one day.
Plus, babysitting just got easier! Hee, hee!
It is adorable how much they dote on her.
And I'm pretty sure she likes the attention. Pin It

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