Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Little Holiday Happy from Our House to Yours

 So if it weren't for kids I'm not sure how much seasonal decorating I would do. Of course if it weren't for kids, I might feel more energetic.  But thankfully the kids couldn't wait for us to do our holiday decorating, and now it's done.  It really does make the house look Merry and festive. 

I don't feel like we have a ton of decorations, which is good, we don't need a ton. But every year I try and add something new if I can. Even if it's after the holiday so I can take advantage of the clearance sales. It's usually not something large, just a little something to add to what we've already got going on.

Our tree is authentic, cut right out of our own back yard. Traipsing into the woods to look for the perfect tree is a tradition we all enjoy.  I feel like our family is still trying to figure out what out traditions are. Since this is the second year we've made apple cider with our friends the Cooks, we've been able to start the tradition of sipping on a steaming mug of mulled apple cider as we decorate our tree. What a perfect blend of smells! Spiced cider and a fresh evergreen tree!  Mmmmm!  Smells like Christmas!

This year it was fun to have the boys help put the decorations up.  They were trying to remember where things went last year and of course they absolutely love putting the ornaments on the tree! 

I remembered to include a picture of the boys this time!  He may like Christmas, but one of my boys didn't like having his picture taken.  Oh well, keeping it real.  I used to think that my kids would love having me take their pictures. Boy was I mistaken! I torture them anyhow.

Tate was willing to give me a good smile.

Seth finally decided to cooperate.

And Wyat thought he'd go for the innocent and sweet look. 
Kid's really do make the holidays special. They make all of the hullabaloo worth it.
Seeing their eager faces as they are placing the ornaments on the tree. Their nagging sweet reminders of the traditions we are supposed to do next.  Their love for all aspects of the holiday.
I hope you enjoyed this small taste of our home decked out for the holidays. It's not much, but it's ours.
We hope you've dragged out the boxes and decorated your halls too. I'd love to see your house transformed and hear about some of your holiday traditions. Who knows, maybe we'll start doing them with our family!
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Janice Gantz said...

That's the kind of tree we used to get up north, once we even got one from the Klasings' property! It's beautiful in it's own way.
One of our unique traditions started when I saved money on gift boxes by putting the kids' Christmas Eve pajamas in cereal boxes. The next year Lydia mentioned that as being a "tradition", so that's exactly what it became :)