Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ugly Thrift Store Art Gets a Makeover

This summer I helped plan a wedding shower.  
I wanted to make a fun chalk board that could be used not only as a shower decoration but also as a gift.
I scoured the local Goodwill for a suitable frame.  
I loved the oval shape of this piece, but the art inside: 
In case you can' tell, there is a collage of dried flowers and mushrooms on top of a 
terry cloth towel in that frame.
I'm sure it was cool once. 
But, it had good bones, so I went for it. 
I even got it half off.

A little white spray paint, and a couple layers of 
chalk board paint on the glass, 
and we now have a beautiful message board.

This project cost very little, especially if you happen to have leftover chalk board paint laying around. 
Plus, the bride-to-be was happy to learn she got to take it home. 


Happy crafting! 

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