Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

For my birthday this year I really only wanted one thing. 
So, Hunky Hubby spoiled me and gave me exactly what I asked for. 
A new patio table. 
He built it himself. 
Young ladies, listen up, marry a handy man.  
You will be glad you did. 
Anyhow. . . 
We had really outgrown the patio set that I received as a birthday gift from my parents 10 years ago.
Which is why I really wanted a new table.  
But, they are really expensive an the store.
So, I showed H.H. a plan off of Pinterest, and he made a few alterations and built me the table of my dreams.

He brought it home to me in the raw.  
So, we had a very romantic time picking out the perfect stain color together.

 We chose a semi-solid stain from Cabot, largely because it was on sale and because H.H. said it was a good quality stain.

After much deliberation we chose the color Spanish Moss.  We were trying to find something that currently coordinates with our siding, but would match the door we put in a couple years ago, and would look good if we changed the stain color on the house siding, etc . . . So we had a lot of factors that were influencing us.  

We also thought that we will probably eventually repaint the deck the color we chose for the table.  So even though we were choosing a color with only our stellar memories of what the colors of the deck/house/door are -  we actually really lucked out and picked a a great color.  It actually matches the door almost perfectly. Which I think is good. 

I had a helper who wanted to stain the table with me. Just remember that it is very important, if you are like me, to wear gloves during this process. 
Or you will have Spanish Moss colored hands. 
That can look a little creepy.

I am happy with how it turned out. I am also so excited that we can now entertain more people on our lovely back porch. 
Sitting at the same table together. 
Instead of separated by miles.

It's going to be a happy place.
Come join me for a cup of Chai anytime.  I'd love to sit a spell and chat with you.  

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