Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Quick and Easy Holiday Garland

I was having some people over and I wanted to add one more little touch to my Christmas decorations before they arrived.
I am very enamored with garlands lately.
They are fun, they are festive, and they are cute! 
So I grabbed some items from my craft closet and kitchen and made a cute little garland for my kitchen window.

You'll need:
twine or bakers twine
cup cake liners
paper snowflakes
and a stapler

I cut out the paper snowflakes on the Cricut.
The cupcake liners I picked up at Wal-mart.
I think I got the twine at the Target dollar spot.

Take your twine and pre-measure the area where you want to hang your garland.

Then, you will take your cupcake liners and fold them in half.

You will simply use your stapler to fix the cupcake liners and snowflakes to the twine.  You may need more than one staple.

You will be amazed at how fast this little garland goes together.

When you are all done, hang it up and enjoy!

An easy-peasy craft that anyone can do.  
It adds just the right touch of holiday cheer! 

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