Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spreading Christmas Cheer For All to Hear ,er... kind of

My Mom, came up to visit recently with my sister and her kids. We had a fun time crafting and hanging out.  Although it always feels like we spend most of our time preparing meals and cleaning up after eating the meals. 
While they were here, I took advantage of the opportunity to get a fun picture of the cousins.

With Ella being the only girl in this crazy bunch of kids, I couldn't resist posing them this way.  
I think Ella really liked it too! 
That's not a fake smile.

I got the basic idea for the photo off of Pinterest, but the photo I saw was a romantic pose of a couple tied up in the lights. Well, we just tweaked that idea a bit and we came up with some fun alternatives for the kids.

For the most part, the boys actually enjoyed taking these pictures.  It helped that they were allowed to be goofy and didn't have to look at the camera.

Some of them got into it more than others.

Of course when I wanted to take the shot of them all looking at the camera and smiling, things got a little hairy.  What is so hard about looking at the camera and smiling with a normal smile?  You would think I was torturing them.  The problem is, it becomes torture because they take FOREVER to cooperate and look pleasant instead of like deranged children. 

Wyat's smile is totally fake in the above photo. 

The boys got to get their sister back with this shot.  I wonder why only one of them looks happy about it?  
Overall, as photo shoots with children that are related to you and especially the ones that came from your womb go, this was pretty painless with some really fun results.  I did have a few snowflakes ruin a shot or two because they happened to land right in someones eye in the photo, but other than that, it was good.  The snow outside kept things nice and bright so I didn't have to use a flash. I was able to keep my iso low and the shutter speed fast enough that the kids didn't turn out blurry. 
Seeing as how it is IMPOSSIBLE for one child who shall not be named to sit still for 5 seconds. Ever. 
So this is our version of Christmas cheer.  
I hope you enjoy it.  
It makes me laugh!
Oh, if you have any tips for getting your kids to cooperate when getting their picture taken, I'm willing to hear them.  
Comment below. Please.  I need the help.

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