Monday, February 17, 2014

Oh Summer, Where Art Thou?

Just because this winter seems like it will never end.
Just because I miss summer.
I am going to post some of my favorite pictures from summer that haven't made the blog yet.

Is there anything cuter or more summery than a baby bunny?

One of my favorite annuals.  
I have no idea what its called.  
But it has very unique foliage so I can buy it every year.

I love this shot. Gonna have to use a wheat field in some Senior portraits or family pics this summer.

Can you smell summer in looking at this pic?  I can.

I miss summer.  
I cannot lie.  
There are many nice things about winter, including the Olympics this year.
 But, summer wins, hands down, every time.

May you go to sleep tonight appreciating what is, and dreaming of what will come.  
Because it will come.

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