Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Long, Long, Long Winter...

Let's face it, this winter has been cold and long. 
Long and cold.
Did I say cold?
Living in the frozen north woods of Wisconsin, cold can't keep us locked up inside. If it did, we wouldn't ever get to leave our houses.
So on the not quite so cold days, we bundle up and head outside.  One of our favorite winter activities is sledding.  We are fortunate enough to have a fun sized hill in our own backyard.
I like to try and get some action shots of the boys having fun out there.   Here is my favorite sequence from the day.  I like to call it, 
A story in pictures:

Ha! Ha! The boys had a lot of fun tumbling sledding down the hill.

Winter doesn't prevent little boys from climbing trees either:

Or falling out of them:

And of course dogs still do their doggy things.  
They remain mostly unfazed by the temperature change. Although I have noticed that they come in really fast form their potty break when the temps drop below zero/

I hope that if you live where it gets cold, you are finding ways to get outside and have some fun.  It can be easy to let the cold, dreary days get the best of you.  But is is important to look for the beauty that surrounds you and find things to be thankful for.

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