Sunday, October 14, 2012

Boys and Pictures = Comic Adventures

 There are times when I give up the hope that I will ever get these 3 boys of mine to sit still long enough for me to get a good picture of them.

Apparently, they equate sitting for a picture with torture of the cruelest kind.
Which then means it turns into torture for me as well.
I mean really, how hard could it be just to look at the camera and smile, right? 

I guess for boys, it's pretty hard. 

Let's look at some examples of how my boys have changed in their approach, so to speak, of having their pictures taken over the years.

I used to get smiles like this:

Which morphed into smiles like this:

Which have now become faces like this:

What is a picture taking Momma to do?

Taking pictures of my own kids brings out the ugly side to my mothering. I have cajoled, bribed, threatened, manipulated, scolded, yelled, employed the power of the guilt trip, and done just about everything within my mommy powers to get my boys to sit for a nice photograph for me.
I succumb to these tactics after asking nicely fails, of course.
I know this isn't good.
I know these are bad qualities.
I know a good, patient, loving mother wouldn't ever do any of the above listed things.
I am not always a good mother.
At least, I ask for forgiveness later. 
Because I am a loving mother.

So why do you think that sitting for a photo is so hard for my boys? Could it be because they have been staring into the black orb of my lens since the day they popped free of my womb?

When all is said and done, they finally manage to pull themselves together long enough for me to get a couple of good pictures. (Thanks goodness for fast shutter speeds!)

Then later, when I've calmed down  I have time to download the pictures onto the computer, I have plenty of opportunities for a few laughs.

Oh man, my life is never dull.
And I guess, in spite of it all, I wouldn't have it any other way.
But if you have any good tips for getting boys to enjoy having their picture taken, shoot 'em my way, will ya?

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