Tuesday, October 2, 2012

School Desk - Done

Looking at what we would need for school this year, I realized that Seth was in need of a new desk for school.
We were fortunate that Grandma and Grandpa Beaber had an extra desk in their basement storage room. They were happy to give it to us and we were happy to take it off their hands.
I decided it could use a makeover.
I, of course, forgot to get a picture of it before I started. But I grabbed a picture as I was sanding it down.

 It's a nice little desk, the perfect size for my student son.  However, even though it wasn't a bad color or anything, I wanted it to match the white desk already in the school room.

I also wanted to change out the dated hardware.
I began the process by dragging the little desk out to the garage and giving it a light sanding.

After the sanding is done, I wipe it down with a rag to get all the dust off.  Then I apply a primer coat.
After the primer coat, I apply the paint.  I painted 2 coats.  I also cheated and used spray paint on the spindles.
 Then I had a brilliant thought.
You see, last year I painted my oldest son's desk white, and the top, after he used it the whole year, is no longer white.
So my brilliant idea, was to paint the tops of the desks with chalk board paint.
Thank you Sheila for sharing your paint with us!

Two coats of chalkboard paint later, and some nice new handles from Menards (that came with a rebate, no less),  we have a brand new desk.

I love the fresh new look.

Seth loves his new desk and he thinks the chalk board top is pretty cool. I was smart enough to repaint the top of Tate's desk with chalk board paint too. Now they both have fun desk tops and a good work space to do their school work at.

Yippee! We're off to a great start to a brand new year (even if we're a little late)!

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