Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sock Problem Solution

So remember awhile ago, I was complaining about the abundance of socks I had to sort through on a weekly basis?
If you forgot about it or missed it, you can refer to it here.
In the middle of my grumbling I had a light bulb moment about how I could better organize all those boy socks we have floating around.
Lingerie bags.

So I went to the store and picked up 2 of them. I had thought to get one for each boy, but my kids don't take their socks off only in their bedroom. They take them off all over the house, the garage, the yard, the trampoline, the deck, the woods and the van. However, they usually end up in either the laundry room or their bedroom.
So I decided 2 bags would suffice.
Although one in the van might just be genious.

Then I got some ric-rac.  I chose orange (for their room) and pink (for the laundry room).
Don't ask me why it was important that each room have their own specific bag.  I really can't remember right now, but it made sense at the time.

I sewed the ric-rac loop onto the edge of the lingerie bag, where the zipper ends.  I sewed it really well so that it would be sturdy and not rip off.

Then, I bought one of my favorite inventions.
Command hooks.
If you've never used these things, they are really awesome. I am not one to balk at putting holes in my walls, but I do tend to rearrange the furniture a lot. So this seemed to be a better choice.  Besides, I was hanging one of these bad boys on the side of my dryer, and there will be no hole drilling going on there.

One hook on the dryer and one hook on the door jam next to the hamper in their bedroom.  I chose my locations carefully. I know that if the boys don't see it,
they won't use it.

I explained the new rules to the boys.  Then I waited to see how many times I would have to explain the rules again.  To my surprise, they have pretty much taken to the new system. Of course there is still a reminder made here and there, but overall the boys have been doing a great job.  Maybe they don't realize it yet, but it could be they actually like things being organized.
If only I could get them to realize that about keeping their bedroom clean. Or the school room. Or maybe they will actually use some of the organization systems I have in place.
Whoa, wait a minute.
I'm getting a little carried away now.
They are just little boys after all.
One step at a time,Mama.
One step at a time.
I have also had them sort and pair up their socks as part of their chores.
I am on a role people!
What's next?
Oh, my craft closet that has vomited out onto the floor under the laundry table and into the t.v. room. 
That definitely needs to be next.
Anyone want to come over and help?
This isn't a job for one woman.

Thanks for stopping by,
may your sock organization be inspired.
That's what is next.
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