Sunday, September 23, 2012

A New Start To A New Year

Just thought I'd share a few photo's of my students this year.
Funny, they look a lot like my students last year. 
Just a little older and a little wiser.
This month, we started our school year, although it has begun a little slowly.  We are okay with that.

We are starting a new curriculum, a whole new program in fact, with the school district in Antigo.  Part of the fun of being in on the ground level of a new program, is working out all the kinks.  So our curriculum is trickling in.  However, that has given us an opportunity to ease into the year, which has been nice.

It also gave me a little more time to focus on my Kindergartner.  We started a new program, a virtual curriculum, called Little Lincolns.  So far it has been going really well, and has been just what we needed to grab the Doodles' attention and get him excited about learning.

Can I just say that I am so blessed to have an entire room dedicated to home schooling my children?
Well, I am. 
I love it. 
It is a bright and cheerful place for us to learn together. It has enough room to store all of our supplies right there so we don't waste time hunting down books and scissors and stuff. Plus, I can close the door on the mess instead of having to clear it off the dining room table each day. 
I also want to say that I have the best students.
Most days.
Home schooling has been an unexpected blessing.  This isn't what I planned to be doing originally, but I am really thankful for this extra time with my boys.  It is exciting to be the one who helps foster their love of learning and gets to watch their eyes light up when they are interested in a subject. 
It's a hard job. 
But it is also a rewarding one.
It would probably be even better if I possesed more patience.
But, maybe that's why God has me home schooling.
So I can develop that quality.
See, everyone is learning something in this school!

So here's to a new year full of exciting adventures in learning!

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