Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Family Getaway

We finally did it.
After talking about it off and on all summer, we actually did it.
We may have done it a little differently than we originally planned.
We may have gone somewhere we didn't originally plan to go.
But we finally took a family vacation.
Not a long one, not a fancy one,
but a good one.
Just enough time away to feel refreshed.
Just enough distance from home to feel relaxed.
Just enough adventure to satisfy the need to shake things up.
Where did we go?
What did we do?
Here's a little picture of our home away from home (for 3 days at least)

We have good friends in Baraboo, Wi that own this little pop-up camper.  We gave them a phone call the day we wanted to leave on vacation and asked them if we could borrow it.
They said yes.
Because they are good people like that. 
They also towed it to Devil's Lake campground (after reserving us a site) and set it up for us.
Yeah, they win the 'Most Amazing Friends of The Year' award.
We showed up just in time to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich supper,  hug our friends and thank them profusely with promises to see them tomorrow, and fall into bed.
The next morning, after 3 middle of the night trips to the bathroom, we set up the rest of  our little campsite and made some breakfast.

H.H. was all over breakfast detail.  He's not only the best breakfast chef at home, he'd the best on a camp stove or over an open flame.  That's right, he can do it all.  

The boys helped to string up the clothes line. It had a little sag in it but we made it work.  One day they'll be able to do all this stuff without help. Troy and I will be able to wake up to the smell of frying bacon, with the coffee and tea already made.  (sniff, theygrowuptoofast) Hey, a mom can dream.

I stuck with my normal morning role, I mean, we weren't trying to shake things up too much, you know?  So I happily sipped my chai tea while I watched H.H. cook the bacon.  (it's crucial, even on vacation to keep some of the most important routines of your day consistent)

I think mornings are the best times while camping.  Something about waking up and sitting out in the fresh air, eating food prepared outside.
Maybe because we had nowhere to rush off to. We just took our time, ate our meal in stages, shared time in the Word together.
It was relaxing, and nice.

So our vacation was to go camping, which is slightly ironic since we work at a camp.  However, we haven't camped as a family very often.  Probably because we live in the woods where everyone else comes to camp.  The boys love it though, and it is one of the last affordable places to stay with a family for a few nights.
Plus, if you have access to a camper, it's not half bad.
Stay tuned for more of our vacation adventures!
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J.J.Rea said...

That looks like a wonderful time!!!!! We had a nice time with your Mom and Dad and Jennifer and Ryan this weekend. It was so nice. And WYATT too!!!!!!!!!!!! He's a hoot. I have to tell you, he's so much like Bruce, Joanne's youngest, it's pretty cool. They look different, but similar, but have very similar personalities. Which is a BIG one. He was fun though and the kids liked playing with him a lot. He was very good in church too. From what I could tell. He sat with us for a bit, and then went by your Mom. There is so much I'd like to share, but I gotta run.

I'm glad you had a good vacation. Tell Troy and the boys hello. We miss you guys.