Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pintsperation - Candle Stick make over

I got this idea off of Pinterest. But of course I've no idea where it is now.
So let me tell you what I did.
If you like it, you can do it too.
I was at the local Goodwill when I stumbled upon this truly hideous candle stick.
 It looks like it would have been in a room decorated with pastel clowns.
I'm not sure what the previous owner was thinking. Or the manufacturer for that matter.
Maybe that's why it was at the thrift store.
However, looking beyond the pastel headache of a paint job, I could see it had good bones.
It posesses a pretty hand carved design and it was made out of solid wood.
It was mine for $1.49.
A bit ambitious of a price, but there is no dickering at the Goodwill, so I bought it.
I brought it home, and performed a little back yard surgery.  I  cut off the top blue part that would have held the candle. I used a hand saw that Hunky Hubby had laying around the garage.
Power tools kind of intimidate me, at least the ones that can take off fingers.
After the surgery was complete, I got busy with my palm sander, sanding it down to as smooth of a surface as I could.
When that was done, (sorry I skipped a few pictures) I got busy with my bff - a can of white spray paint. I sprayed a  semi-gloss coat of pristine white paint on that bad boy.
Here's what it looked like when I was done:

The top was left with this slight indentation. I couldn't sand it down any further and I'm not a huge fan of wood putty.
I put on my thinking cap to come up with a solution, I didn't really want to be able to see this hole when it was done.

Turns out, a penny was the perfect fit.
And wouldn't you know it, Ol' Honest Abe was sporting the year I got married?
I glued that penny right in the hole.

I guess you'd like to know what kind of glue I used.
I like E-6000.
It sticks to just about everything and it dries nice and clear.

Then I put a thick layer of glue on the entire surface.
I wanted enough to basically cover the whole thing so there wouldn"t be any bubbles under the glass.

I should probably tell you that I got the glass globe from the Goodwill too. But I think they are at the dollar store for even cheaper. Our Goodwill seems to think that thrift stores are actually for rich people who just want to slum it.

I pressed the globe down onto the candle stick and made sure to center it. I tried to schmoo it all around so that there would be full coverage.
Let it dry and ta-da!! You have a beautiful new
candy dish/candle holder.
It's multi-purpose at it's finest.
Pretty and functional.
The perfect marriage.

Here it is moonlighting as a candy dish.
I used it when I was decorating for a wedding shower.

Or stick a candle inside the globe and you've got a lovely candle holder.
Updated and incredibly cooler than when it first began.

The options are endless.
I just love a good make over, don't you?
I know, I know. Now you want to run out to the nearest thrift store and make one too.
Well go ahead fellow crafter.
Go and be creative!
Send me a picture of your make over.
I'd love to see what you've done.
Thanks for stopping by,
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