Sunday, January 20, 2013

Free Carhartt?!?!

I want to give a shout out to a good company.  
Because I believe in spreading the word about companies that do it right.
Many of you have heard of Carhartt before.  Some of your husbands, son or daughters may even wear it.
Shoot, I even know some women who claim this as their favorite brand. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Carhartt is known for the nearly indestructible quality of their
Well, one of my favorite deal websites, Zulily, was selling Carhartt for kids this fall.
They happened to have jackets in the boys sizes for a really good price.
So I got them each one.
When you live on 12 acres of woods and blackberry bushes and you heat your house with wood, you need something a little tougher than your average jacket to send your kids outside in.
Hauling wood does a number on a coat.  Have you ever tried to get pine pitch out of fleece?
I did.
It did not go well.
I'm pretty sure even Martha doesn't have a solution for that.

Anyway, we got our coats in the mail and the boys started wearing them outside to play. 
The older boys coats have zippers on them, but the coat that came in Wyat's size only had snaps to fasten it.
A few weeks ago, I noticed that one of the snaps on Wyat's coat had come off.
Super major bummer.

I don't know how to fix snaps.  So I thought I'd have to do some calling around trying to find someone who could fix it for me.
That idea didn't appeal to me.
Hunky Hubby suggested that I call the Carhartt company.
I didn't think they would care because I bought the coat off of an unofficial Carhartt website.
But, I listened to the hubs and called them anyway.
A very nice woman answered my call and listened to what the problem was. She told me that she had to send my information to the children's department and I would hear back from them in a few days.  Well, a few days went by and then a week and I still hadn't heard from Carhartt. 
I was starting to feel a little disgruntled because I didn't want to call back and have to explain myself all over again in order to find out what happened.
A few nights ago Hunky Hubby came home before me and found a package on our door step.
Guess who it was from? 

Can you guess what was inside?
That's right!  A brand new coat!
They didn't call me, instead they sent me a complete replacement! Now that's what I call customer service!
It's also an excellent example of just what kind of a company Carhartt is.

We bought a Carhartt because of it's reputation.  We thought it would be durable and stand up to pretty much anything our boys could throw at it.  We didn't anticipate having any problems with it.  So when there was a malfunction, we were surprised.  We had no reason to think that anything would go wrong with the jacket. 

If you look at the details of the jacket you'll notice quality workmanship. The zippers are heavy duty and it's lined with a super cozy Berber fleece. It's also got double stitching and the canvas material is really heavy duty.

Turns out, Carhartt didn't expect us to have problems with their product either.  And, I am really impressed with the way Carhartt sticks behind their brand. 
I will definitely be buying more Carhartt products in the future.
Thanks Carhartt!  We appreciate your integrity.

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See, Ryan is a name-brand snob! He really does know what he's talking about!

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