Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Someone's Been Sitting In My Chair . . .

After sitting down at my desk today,  I immediately saw that someone had left a bit of evidence on my calendar.
At the end of the month it may not have been so noticable. However, at the beginning of the month, my calendar is a bit empty so I found this right away.

Isn't it precious? 
I think I'll frame it.
After all, in 2 days my baby is going to be 6!
It does leave me wondering though.
Is he tagging my desk?  Marking his territory because he's ready to take over?
Or is he scheduling an appointment for some Mommy time?
I choose to believe it's all about wanting time with me.
Well, he's got it, after all, it's been scheduled!

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Anonymous said...

That's SO cute. (: