Friday, April 20, 2012

Something Silly

Sometimes it's the little things that have you rolling in laughter with tears leaking out your eyes.

Have any of you played with photobooth on your I-pad or I-phone?

It's a silly app that comes on the I-pad.  I  know this because Hunky Hubby got an I-pad for work.  Even though he says he's not going to clutter it with silly apps, it already had photobooth on it.

The other night we had a couple of the students (a.k.a. Ben & Justine) over.  Alexa was up for a visit again as well.  We were sitting around the kitchen talking and making tea, waiting for someone to suggest something fun to do.  I'm not sure how it started but we got onto the photo booth app and started having fun.

Pretty soon we were all gasping for breath because of the hilarious and sometimes frightening pictures we were taking of each other.

Now, I think the I-pad is a pretty neat gadget.  But I do have one complaint.  The camera in the 1 and 2 is dreadfully horrendously awful.  Apple totally chintzed out on that one.  I know the I-pad 3's is better but we've got the 2.  So please excuse the poor photo quality and sit back and enjoy a laugh.

But I'm going to warn you, the following images may be disturbing.

There were worse ones. Truly disturbing actually.  They were too awful to post.  But that did make them even more hilarious.

So the next time you are in need of a laugh, get out your device that has photobooth and have some fun.

After all, a little laughter is all you need to make your day brighter. Pin It

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