Saturday, April 28, 2012

French Press Cozy

Last weekend my sister came up for a visit with her three kiddos.  

While she was here we had an agenda of things to do:

1. Go to the museum
2. Eat cupcakes
3. Visit cousin at her restaurant
4. Get projects done!

I can happily report that we completed our list.

I will be glad to go into a bit more depth on the completion of this list in a later post.

For now I wanted to share a little project that my sister made for Hunky Hubby's french press.

He had been wanting something to help his coffee stay warm longer.

She wanted to make him a little thank you for being such a great brother-in-law. (o.k., it's really  because his birthday is coming up)

She used a snap on the closure (in case you were wondering).  She made the pattern up as she went so sorry, but there is nowhere to link you up with to get the measurements. 

We aren't so great at tutorials and explain our creative genius. ;)

What I really love is that she used some of my favorite fabric that I've had stashed and couldn't get the nerve up to use on a project.  Does that ever happen to you? 

So thanks sis! Hunky Hubby's coffee is nice and cozy now. Pin It

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