Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Checkered Churn

So I told you that my sister was up visiting me a couple weekends ago.

We had a couple of things on our weekend bucket list.  Three of which we were able to check off in one day. Score!

Today I'll update you on the first item we checked off the list:

1. Visit cousin at her restaurant:
Our cousin Kitty owns a charming luncheon restaurant and coffee shop. It's located downtown in Merrill, WI.  They call it The Checkered Churn, and they serve the most delicious lunches everyday from 11:00 - 2:00.  Everyday the menu is filled with fresh new entrees you didn't have the chance to eat day before. They are especially well known for their amazing rolls that are baked fresh daily in the store and used to make the yummiest sandwiches.

 Here the kids are posing with the daily menu. Unfortunately for you they covered it up so you can't see what the choices were.

Wyat and Ian enjoyed a little PB & J on one of the Churns yummy rolls. 

Jen opted for the 1/2 & 1/2.  That means you get 1/2 of a yummy wrap and also a 1/2 sized bowl of soup.  Mmmmm.

I opted for the full size sandwich.  Actually, it was supposed to be a wrap, but I love the rolls so much I had them make it on that instead of a tortilla. I mean if you're going out to eat, you may as well enjoy it to the fullest right? This had a cream cheese spread with a hint of pineapple in it, chicken, lettuce, and maybe some other yummy things in there, I can't remember exactly now. I just remember that it was delish!

Here the kids are being delightfully well behaved while Jen and I sat with Kitty catching up on the latest family news.  We were there for over an hour and a half and the kids were fantastic.  We only had 4 of them along, Tate and Lincoln stayed behind, but still, kids usually go a bit stir crazy when their moms are sitting around talking for that length of time.

And of course the kids needed to have a picture taken with 'the Kitty'.  It is always incredibly confusing for them when we tell them we are going to visit Kitty.  As you may guess, they have a hard time remembering that this is actually a person and not a small furry pet.  We have suggested that the Churn get a honorary 'Kitty' to dwell in the restaurant so the children don't have to be so confused (and slightly disappointed) each time we go, but we've been turned down. 
Something about health codes etc., etc.

Stay tuned, in the next post I'll tell you more about our 2nd bucket list item: the Museum
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