Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

On Friday my Mom celebrated a pretty big birthday. (If you want to know the number, you're gonna have to ask her.)
To celebrate, my sister and I wanted to do something special. We decided to take her to the beauty school in Appleton for some nail treatments.
Nothing says 'I love you' like a little pampering, right?  Instead of just getting her a gift certificate to go on her own sometime, we thought it would be more fun to do it all together.

First, we had fresh flowers and her favorite gum waiting for her when she arrived to meet us at my sisters' house.  She didn't know what we had planned so we told her in the birthday card.  I didn't get a picture of her joyous reaction. Bummer. You'll just have to imagine it.

First we got our manicures, followed up by our pedicures!
We each had our own college student who did both of our treatments for us.  They were really sweet young women.  Since we went to the beauty college, we were able to schedule appointments together so that no one had to sit around waiting.  That was really nice, it allowed us to visit during our manicures. Did you know that you can get your hair washed and styled for $8.00 at the beauty college?
And they said that they scrub your scalp for 20-30 minutes!
When I heard this, I almost jumped out of my Mani chair, grabbed my stylist by the hand and ran to the sinks!  I'd rather have my head massaged than my nails painted any day. 
Plus, my hair was feeling less than fabulous that day.
I didn't do that, because I was there to spend time with my mom and sis.  Plus we didn't have time to add another service, but next time I'm in Appleton, I'm gonna call and schedule one of these for first thing in the morning.
If I lived in Appleton I'd probably schedule one at least once a week.

Here's my favorite part of the manicure - the paraffin wax! If you've never had this done before, go do it!  It feels so good! My hands were so soft when it was done!

Doesn't mom look happy? Her feet look happy too. 
Look at all those pretty toes. 
Want to know something funny? Right after I took this pic of all three of our feet, we went to meet the kids for lunch at mom's favorite restaurant. In the excitement of greeting Grammy for her birthday with a huge sign and everything, what do you think happened? 
One of the kids stepped on her toes and shmeered that pretty polish all over.
Oh children!  Did you ever notice that they love walking on everyone else's feet except their own? At least it wasn't my kid!
Fortunately mom has her exact nail color at home so she'll be able to fix it.

I know you are curious, so here's a little before and after collage of my stumpy fingers and sausage toes.
Don't judge, I didn't get to pick out of the gene pool, it was pre- allotted.
I like the color I picked,  but it's a glittery smoky grey/blue.
I'm not sure the nail color will last long.  I rarely paint my fingernails because I have an impossible time keeping them looking nice. They usually chip in a day, and that's if I was able to dry them without smudges. Which is nearly impossible for me. 
I even smudged my new Mani. 

Lunch was delish!  I don't go to The Olive Garden very often, so it was a treat for me.  The real treat though, was that my sister had gift cards she generously used to help pay for every one's dinner.  What a nice sister (and brother-in-law too, they were his gift cards originally)!
Who's the lady with the dark hair? My sisters M.I.L., she watched the kids for us while we were getting our nails done. So she deserved a little lunch wouldn't you say?

We finished up the day with a trip to TJ MAXX, my moms favorite store (mine too!).
Then on the way back to my sister's house we stopped for a Starbucks frappuccinno, they are half off May 4-13 from 3-5 p.m. at participating stores. That means they will still be half off on Mother's Day.  Maybe you should think about taking your mom for a treat. Mom and I got the Mocha Cookie Crumble. Even though I am not a coffee drinker, this was yummy!

It was a fun day and a fun way to celebrate my mom's birthday. 
I think she enjoyed it, and it was a nice treat for my sister and I as well. 
I mean really, usually, on someone's birthday, you don't get to share their present. 
This time we did, and my feet are thankful for it.

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