Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Bucket List: Part two

O.k. friends, we are going back to my sisters weekend visit and our weekend bucket list.
 I will finish this mini-series at some point in time, I promise.
What can I say, life is busy!
So instead of showering, I'm gonna write this blog post. 
So brace yourself for a collage montage.

Item #2: go the museum (The Leigh Yawkeye Woodson Art Museum of course)

Although the day didn't begin nicely, by the time we got to the museum, the weather was gorgeous.  I think this is the first time it wasn't cold and rainy when we've been there. Consequently, the kids thoroughly enjoyed running through the statue gardens. 

We were a little worried that the kids wouldn't really dig the exhibit this time around.  Dinotopia moved out and NASA moved in.  The NASA exhibit was different artists representations of the NASA program.  In the top photo, the kids are standing in front of our favorite painting in the exhibit which was painted by Norman Rockwell.
Downstairs in the kid area, they brought in some fun new costumes and activities.  The kids all really enjoyed it. 
When we were talking about the museum later, Seth told me that this exhibit had been his favorite so far! Yay NASA! Maybe I've got a future astronaut?

Again, one of the great things about the museum, is that when you are bringing the kids, you don't have to feel like you need to stay forever.  We get in, look around, and play for a little bit and then leave.  I think we were there for an hour tops.  The kids can get their exposure to the art world in small and fun snippets. It's perfect.

Item #3: Eat Cupcakes!

Since I was a fabulous Friday facebook winner at Sweet Lola's for some pic's I posted on their facebook wall from our last visit, I had to take the crew for some free cupcakes at our favorite cupcakery.

I hope you enjoy this collage of the epic destruction of the chocolate birthday surprise cupcake. Don't judge me for being as giddy as a kid over eating my cupcake.  I know, I know, I'm ana adult and I picked a cupcake with blue frosting.  Does it get anymore child like than that?
Well, I may even have a chocolate smear on my lips when I'm all done. How's that for child like?
Saving it for later, you know?

It was fun to take a passel of kidlets into the cupcakery and watch their eyes glaze over at the images of the sugar overload through the glass of the bakery case.
My sister's kidlets hadn't been to a cupcakery before.
We were breaking virgin ground in their little lives.
I'm so glad I could be the Auntie who made it happen.

I don't want to leave my sister out! She may kill me for posting these, but I had to include her.  She did a good job of destroying her own cupcake. It was a vanilla almond something-or-other.
She's not a chocolate girl (GASP!)

See the one in the box.  The creamy one on the top right?  That's the one I took home for Hunky Hubby.  It was called Mango Coconut. I was eyeballing it for myself at the bakery case (it took me like 10 minutes to decide on my order).  But the chocolate tricks me every time.  I should have ordered this one.  It was divine! I know because H.H. shared with me.  I ate and entire spoonful of creamy decadent frosting and didn't feel a bit guilty. 
It was that good.
Next time I need to make a better choice, I'm a frosting snob and although my cupcake of choice was tasty, it had a frosting that was too sugary for me. Both the cupcakes that I've picked out for H.H. have had perfectly divine frosting. I guess I need to learn to step outside my cupcake comfort box.

So there you have it.  Two more things we were able to check off our weekend bucket list. There's only one more left! Stay tuned!

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