Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well, What do You Think?

Well, after much distress and many attempts I have finally improved the blog header!  Thank you for the free back ground.  I just added my own picture and text on

I think it's a vast improvement from what was up there before, however, it's a little busier than I would have chosen if I had made it myself.

Which is the next step.

Making one myself.

Oh despair! Oh agony! Oh why didn't I take more graphic design classes when I was in college (?an undisclosed amount, if you know me well enough you can do the math yourself?) years ago?  Who am I kidding, it's all different now anyway. 

Actually, I'd really like to be able to design stuff on the computer.  Maybe it's time for this Momma to look into a tech class.  Or maybe an on-line design course. 

Hmmm, as if I don't have enough to do, home schooling 3 boys and loving a husband, keeping a house in some semblance of order, doing massive amounts of laundry, etc.  Right?

Well, maybe I could squeeze it in.  It would be beneficial to me and then I could teach my boys something instead of them teaching me something. About computers that is.

Anyone have any ideas on a good class?

So, comments please.  I'd love some feedback on the header.  If you don't tell me what you think I'll let  my dog get after you.

If you don't she's scary enough, then I've got this kid -

Trust me, you should be scared of him.  ;)

Thanks for reading.

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