Saturday, May 12, 2012

The New Addition

For all of you SBR lovers who happen to follow along here at No Ordinary Sparrow, I enjoy filling you in on the latest news at camp when I can.

We all recognize spring as a time of new life.
This is never more evident than when you have farm animals. 
God has designed animals to give birth in the spring when there will be warm temperatures and fresh food in abundance.
The North Star stable has it's own new addition this spring.
Let me introduce you to Jedediah, our brand new, mini-mule.

Awwwww!! Isn't he cute? 
Now for those of you out there who aren't farmiliar with the unique breeding of a mule, let me fill you in.  You get a mule when you breed a mare horse with a stud donkey.  Not the other way around.  According to my friend Caiti, whose husband runs the barn at SBR, when you breed a stud horse with a mare donkey you can sometimes get a Hinny.  But it's rare. Mule's are much easier to come by. Why are they different? You'd have to ask a much smarter person than I am. 
Or you could Google it. 
For now, you can just rest easy knowing that they are.
Our mule is unique because we bred a mini-donkey to a mini-horse so now we have a mini-mule! He's only about the size of a labrador retriever (only with much smaller feet).  In fact the biggest thing on him is his head!
Kinda like people babies.

He's a cute addition to the barn yard. 
Come on up and see him, and all the other things we''ve got going on at SBR this summer.
We'd love to see you.

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