Friday, April 20, 2012

This is Spring!

When you live in the Northwoods you need to be ready for anything!

A month ago, we broke out the shorts and T-shirts.

Today, we may be breaking out the snow boots.

Seriously, we have at least 3 inches of snow.
 Earlier this week, we were finally getting the rain we really needed.
Before that we were running around in jeans and T-shirts.

Many people who live in the area will be shocked and depressed at this change in weather.
However, a true local knows that this is spring in Wisconsin.

By the end of the day the snow will be gone. When the sun finally breaks through those clouds again, just wait and see what happens.
An explosion of vibrant colors all through the fields and forests. 
It'll be gorgeous!
Even if we get snowed on again.
Because we really aren't safe from another snowfall until maybe  - August? Pin It

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