Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Got Mah Hair Done!

I've got boys. 
3 of them to be exact. 
And no daughters, just to be clear. 
But that doesn't mean it's all dirt and armpit farts around here. Although it is like that around here a lot. 
Sometimes my boys like to show me their soft side and they like to do my hair.
Exhibit A:

Now as their Mommy, I absolutely LOVE when they decide to do this.  Even though it means the loss of some extra hairs for me. I just think it is so sweet.  Plus, I figure it's good training for when they are married one day.  Almost every girl I know likes to have her hair brushed by someone else.
What I think is hilarious is that they have absolutely no idea how to make a pony tail (I had to help with these).  Usually in their attempt to make a pony tail, they end up making a knot. Out of my hair. And lets not even talk about braids. This is not a skill boys are born with people.  I'm not sure when little girls learn this stuff, seeing as I don't have any of my own to watch.  But it is cute how my boys try and make me look 'beautiful'. 
 And just so you know, I dutifully wore my hair like this for at least an hour so their Daddy could see it when he got home. Even though my boys and I have different ideas on what beautiful hair looks like. 

Plus, it absolutely melts my heart when they look at me and say "You look pretty Mommy". Especially when I'm still in my yoga pants and wearing yesterdays makeup.  I don't care one whit then that we have different opinions of whats 'beautiful'! 
I love my precious sons. 
Oh and by the way, I made this headband out of a t-shirt sleeve and some felt.  What do you think?  I usually wear it a little differently, but it is a great way to re-purpose the sleeves of old t-shirts.  Especially if you used the bodies already to make a t-shirt scarf! It's a win/win. I bet you could even make the flowers out of t-shirt material.  Oh man, stop me now! I'm getting giddy with the thought!
Enjoy your life,

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