Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book Review: Get Lost Your Guide To Finding True Love by Dannah Gresh

  I chose this book because I work closely in mentoring relationships with some fantastic young ladies. I finished the book wishing that there had been something like this on the shelves back when I was a single young woman.  
Dannah is writing in a way that is relevant to the young women in today's culture.  This may cause a rewrite in 10 years, but for today, it's great.  But let's get this clear, her anecdotes are relevant for today's culture but her message is relevant for all time.  This woman is writing as one who has been there, done that and now she wrote the book! In a good way! 
She is addressing a major issue I have come across in my own interaction with young women which is their skewed perspective on love. 
    Dannah starts out the book by identifying what she labels "the violent craving". Any woman young or old should be able to relate to what she's talking about.  "The craving makes us all insatiably hungry for the attention of a guy..." She helps young women to see how the craving they experience is actually misdirected. Instead of being focused on guys it should be directed to our loving God and Father.
      She then moves into a 10 day love feast challenge where she lays out a daily plan for worship, focusing on God's word, and then she expounds on one specific idea. I love that she even includes the titles and artists to specific worship songs for each day. 
     She wraps up the book with more insight on what a girl who is lost in God looks like, what a guy lost in God looks like and even what a relationship lost in God looks like.  
     I am so very thankful that there is a book like this on the shelves of stores now accessible to young ladies.  I will definitely be utilizing this book in my mentoring relationships and I think it is a great tool for anyone who works with teenagers or single women.  If I was the mother of a teenage daughter, this would be the next gift I would buy for her. If you are a teen or young adult woman, this is the next gift you should buy yourself.
Look for it on April 2 when it is released.

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