Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tear Mender

Here's an amazing product that I just have to tell you about. 
Tear Mender. 
It mends tears. Not to be confused with tears. 
Oh don't you love the English language?
Any way, it mends things without having to sew them!  Which means it can mend those holes that are in the hard to reach places! 
With 3 boys and a husband who works construction, I have ample opportunity to use this product.  It has helped save my sanity when trying to eek a little more life out of H.H.'s work jeans.  I mean really, how do they get holes in some of those places anyhow?  It isn't very easy to get a sewing machine in a pant leg and we all know that those iron on patches are basically worthless. 

The other day I had the perfect opportunity to use Tear Mender once again!  Whilst visiting a friend, one of my sons managed to snag his jeans on something in the house and created a big ole tear. Don't worry, there were no tears. (hee, hee)
Did you ever notice how kids only seem to wreck their good clothes? Anyway, I didn't want to toss the jeans because they are relatively new and I have one more son who should be able to wear them. I knew that sewing a patch on wouldn't look right, so I got out the Tear Mender! 
I used it to glue two pieces of old denim on the back side of the jeans. 
Like this:

Once it dried, I turned the pant leg right side out 
and it looked like this:

Nice and tidy. However, because they're my sons good jeans and I was hoping to get some more use out of them for that purpose, I decided to dress them up a little bit.  Now it did cross my mind to put a Monster patch on these.  I know he probably would have liked it, but I decided on something a little more subtle, yet hopefully stylish enough to make it look like it was done on purpose. 

I broke out the embroidery floss and needle to do a little bit of a hand stitched accent. I decided to make it look a little monster-esque by using x stitches like a monster scar or something like that.

Then, to pull it all together I added some stitches on places that didn't really need it on the back and front of his jeans.  

I'm happy with the final result.  He has worn them now that they have been patched and they look cute.  You almost don't notice the place where the jeans were torn and the stitching looks intentional. We've even gotten a compliment or two on the 'look'.
  What I like about the Tear Mender is that it stays supple through many washes. It also doesn't seep through the denim, so as long as you are careful when applying it, you never see it. It is supple enough not to be scratchy either. I actually haven't had a pair of pants I've repaired outlast the Tear Mender yet. It just keeps hanging in there. It's amazing stuff that will change your life.  And it'll save you some $$ since you won't have to buy new clothes so frequently.
I also just used it to repair the boys snow pants. Now I need to figure out how to use it to mend H.H's socks.  He pokes holes through all the toes! 
I bought my bottle of Tear Mender at Fleet Farm in the 'work pants' section. Go figure.
 My bottle is about empty so I better hurry up and get a new one before you all rush out and buy one for yourselves.  
You're going to want to! 

(*disclosure: I was not paid or compensated in any way for the review on this product.  I just really happen to like it and wanted to share it with you.)

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