Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just an Average Evening at the Beaber House

Wyat walks up to me on his way to bed and says, "Mom, Dad said he would read me half the bible and a fake believe book before bed."
Me: "Great Wyat, what exactly is a 'fake believe' book?
Wyat: "You know, it's fake but it's believe."
Man I love this kid, he always cracks me up.

(Please excuse the bad photo quality on these pic's. I've got a nice camera, but I despise using the flash and evening indoor pic's just don't come out well. )
This scene is pretty typical for my oldest son. He is currently reading a series by one of my favorite musicians, Andrew Peterson. This kid is carrying on the love of reading that I inherited from my Grandmother and mom. He read 255 pages in a 28 hour period and that includes at least 9 hours of sleep and church service today. I love to see my son devour books.

Which is also what this guy does. He may not be reading novels like his brother, but for a second grader he's doing really great. He's read through a couple of Magic Tree House books and a few other small chapter books.  I would say that this is one area where wanting to be like his older brother has really paid off for him and me.
Wyat loves to be read to, so on an average evening you can find all of us curled up with a good book, or two, or three.
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