Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

We begin the day with a yummy breakfast, golden brown waffles hot off the waffle maker. Yummy. Troy is usually the breakfast chef but he decided to go sit on the ice and see if he could catch some  fish. Lucky for me, Megan was here to fill in. Seeing as how I was nearly comatose this morning. I don't do breakfast well. So if Troy happens to be gone in the morning the kids usually get cereal. (don't worry, they are actually happy about that)

Don't be fooled, he's not that excited about school. But there are some fun parts.

Then, after much wiggly silliness while consuming the above mentioned breakfast, they finally got the dishwasher unloaded. I was sitting on the computer monitoring them from the other room and that usually doesn't go very well. You would think I would learn. So we got a later start today than normal but finally by 9:00 I sent the kids up to our school room to start their computers. At which point, while my hands were sunk deep in the dishwater, (because even if I don't cook it, I do get clean up duty), my eldest son runs down stairs and announces that he is supposed to have a teachers conference today. Which makes me remember that his brother is supposed to have one today too. At 9:00!

Working diligently, except at keeping his space clean. Maybe I should let him check out some of my organization blogs?

With no time for a towel to dry off those dishpan hands, I use the next best thing, my pants.  (They have so many uses, besides just covering my white, white, legs.) Of course, we were supposed to be logged on to the computer already and my computer is still off. This may not be a problem for some of you, but I happen to have a slow computer and a slow internet connection. Not as slow as dial-up, but still. Those of you who are accustomed to high speed would have a hissy fit over what I deal with on a daily basis.

The phone rings, fortunately I had already had Tate bring it upstairs for me, and I am still not logged in. Mrs. Kidder is a sweet lady and a good sport and says she'll just pour herself a cup of coffee while she waits for me to log on.  So I do, and guess what?  There is no link to Seth's online conference.  Ha! Here I felt all bad for running late and making the teacher late because I was all slow of brain this morning, and it turns out that she forgot to send me the link. Of course, I was very sweet, and accomodating, so we have rescheduled for this afternoon.

This is how Wyat feels about school today

Is it wrong that I felt so much better about my blunder after we realized that her blunder was the greater blunder? Yes, it probably is. I never should have been late in the first place.
Stupid, foggy, monday morning brain.  So much for writing things down three times to help me remember it. Now my sister is going to remind me about her 'plan ahead on Sunday night' philosophy again. And she's going to really feel justified in believing I need to do it.

Sometimes they help each other out and are so sweet to each other
But I am stubborn enough to believe that planning ahead on Sunday night really wouldn't help me because I would just forget it all in my sleep. And I KNOW that foggy Monday morning brain would trump any well intentioned planning ahead. So why waste my time? I am nothing if not efficient. No worries about our new conference time though. I finally figured out how to utilize the alarm function on my cell phone.  It is revolutionizing my life. As long as I know where my phone is, we should be good.

Sometimes this is a more accurate perception of how 'helpful' brothers can be

And so begins our week of home school. Never sure what we're going to encounter on any given day, but we can always be sure it will be an adventure. 

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance
And we will always know that we'll be facing it together.   That's nice.
 Most days.

Don't they look excited to be working on their school today?

Here's to Mondays. I hope you have a happy one!
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Jilli Ruth said...

Jana, I just love reading your blog (and looking at your fantastic photos!). It's like for just a few moments I'm back at your comfortable home :) ...not to mention I still can't get over how big your boys are getting!!

The Beaber Family said...

Thanks Jillian! I like to read your blog too. I love your deep thoughts. Come and visit us anytime! We'd love to have you.

Mary Kramer said...

I love your blog too! your writting abilities and photo shots are great! Of course I Just love you all!!