Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scurry, Flurry

Say hello to my little friends.  The red squirrel, we have decided to call Pippen.  He/she (who can tell?) has a buddy we call Pip-squeak.  Watching them in the mornings is good old fashioned entertainment! Partially because the gray squirrel, Rocky, is their arch enemy. This means that there is a competition every day to see who is going to get to the feeder first. Rocky is a bit selfish and doesn't like to share. With the red squirrels, or the birds.

This morning, there was a bit more scurry at the feeder than usual. We have been in a little bit of a snow deficit here for Northern Wisconsin.  But last night, the flurry started. And that makes all of the animals scurry for a place at the feeder. Kinda reminds me of the one winter when we lived in Knoxville TN. When snow was in the forcast, you should have seen the traffic lined up outside the local grocery store. You would have thought a 2in forcast of snow meant a blizzard was coming to those sweet southerners. :) That's nothing to a Wisconsin girl. :)
Enjoy your flurry! I hope it keeps coming down all day. 
But I am glad I got to the groccery store last night!  Pin It

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