Friday, January 6, 2012


 This past Wednesday, my baby turned 5.
F-I-V-E, fiver, cinco, funf, cinq, cinque, I think you get my drift.
Did I ever really think this day would come when I brought this little purple faced baby home from the hospital? At that point in time I couldn't think past the next potential nap time.
They say a childs personality is basically established by the age they are five.
Scary huh?

I've had that knowledge breathing down my neck for the last couple of years now. So what does this mean for Wyat now that he's turned the age at which these things are set in stone?
 How have we, as his parents, done at shaping his personality and character? This is where I want to insert the disclaimer: each child truly does come with their own unique personality at birth.
 There is some shaping that a parent can do, but some of it will be evident from infancy and stick with your kid his whole life until death. Unless God intervenes. God can do anything. Basically because he made your kid and the whole universe, so really, what can't he do? What does this mean as I look at my young son? What do I see in him today that I hope will be there 30 years from now? He's got a lot of good qualities, and I am so thankful because I'm pretty sure he has those in spite of his parents not because of.
Here are 5 things I love about him:
1.He is a really compassionate kid. When I listen to his prayers at night I am amazed at his thoughtfulness of others and his compassion for them, people he doesn't even know. He is already learning to love other people because God loves them.
2. Anyone who knows Wyat also knows that he is a funny kid. He loves to make people laugh and he loves to have fun and joke around. Punching and wrestling will usually be included (we're still working on that). 
3. He is fiercely loyal to those he loves.
4. He has a happy personality and he has just as much fun playing alone as he does with other people.
5. Most importantly, already as a little boy, he loves God and wants to do what he says. Does it get any better than this? 
As for the character qualities that he posseses that are a little less than desireable, well, I'm just going to trust God to take care of those along the way. And truly, other than the fact that he can dodge work better than anyone I've ever met, he's a truly great kid.

Happy 5th birthday Wyat!
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