Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day!

The snow we have been waiting for all winter finally came! I took this photo in the afternoon, but the snow hasn't stopped yet. It shows a good 13 inches of snow! Which all fell at one time. Thank you God! It was the most awesome snowfall ever!

My new victim mentee (is that a word?) Justine spent the night last night and spent the day with us today. So after whiling the day away doing school (because my kids don't get snow days) and other things, we just had to go outside and play.

So all this snow definitely needed to be molded into the most amazing snow forts ever built. It was practically begging us to do it. The snow was whispering to us to play. What else could we do but listen? So, we all got building, girls against boys. Including Hunky Hubby and Megan. Of course Hunky Hubby felt it was necessary to help the boys make their fort although they were making good headway on their own.

Personally I think the girls fort was better, but you could say I'm biased. After all, I spent over an hour making snow bricks with a bucket to form the walls. The pictures really don't do the forts justice. There are parts you can't really see and because it's all white snow, the camera doesn't pick up the details either. At least not with me behind the lens.

Apparently Hunky Hubby also thought it was necessary to make the great wall of China out of snow for the boys fort. So of course the girls felt the need to improve on their original design. Consequently we have now taken over the back yard with forts and unfortunately used up all the snow that was supposed to be on the sledding hill. It couldn't be helped. It had to be sacrificed for the sake of the snow fortress and ensuing battle.

The sad news is that the girls got slaughtered during the snow ball battle. Maybe massacred is a better word. In fact, I'm not sure why the boys even spent time building a fort since they didn't stay in it! Plus, they didn't just throw snowballs (not to mention that Troy throws harder and further than all of us girls combined) they used a snow shovel to throw scoops full of snow! Next time we will have a discussion of the rules before we engage in war.
The best part though, is that these forts will be sticking around for a little while. The boys will be able to get some more battles out of them.
Honestly,  I can't remember making forts like this as a kid. We'd get a row done and give up because it was so much work. This makes me really happy to have this memory to share with my boys. It was a great way to spend a great afternoon after the best snowfall we've had all year. We'll be talking about it for many winters to come.
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Anonymous said...

this is very very strange because in IL it is 60 degrees and sunny. i'm not sure i wanna come home to all this snow! but it looks great in the pics :)