Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinterest + Inspiration = Pintsperation

If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet, you are missing out. I love this website. It is full of great ideas and recipe's, clothing styles, decorating tips and more! Basically it's an on-line bulletin board for all of the cool pictures and ideas you find while you are surfing the web.  You can also re-pin the cool things your friends have been pinning.
Here is something I found on Pinterst a few months ago and really liked:

After a little digging I found the original post here on (Which looks like an interesting blog that I'm going to have to visit later.) I was searching online for ideas for decorations for the women's retreat at Silver Birch Ranch  when I found this.  The idea inspired me to create something similar for the retreat. At first I was going to keep it large scale and prop it up as a decoration in the front of the chapel. Then because of time constraints and a freak-out I had while trying to get the actual decorating done, I ended up with a smaller scale version that fit perfectly over the mantle in the Dining Hall. Of course I do not have a picture of it on the prettily decorated mantle at camp, but I do have a picture of it where it lives now.  It made it's way to my house afterwards so that it didn't get stuck waaaaaay back in cold storage at camp.

I need to add that my Hunky Hubby helped me with this. Seeing as how large power tools like saws and I aren't really on a first name basis. I think my man is afraid I'd cut my hand off or something. Besides, I'm happy to let him do all the power tool - manly work. It helps him feel needed. And, he does a better job than I do. He is, after all, a professional.  He used some of the abundant scrap lumber that is lying outside around the shop at camp. It had a nicely weathered look. My professional builder husband had a very hard time putting together such an imperfect piece.  He doesn't fully appreciate 'rustic' I guess.  But, he did it for me anyway because he looooves me and because I asked him to.

 Sometimes people ask me what 'come' is supposed to mean. I chose that word because it was a key word for our speaker Jane Rubietta during the women's retreat. But at home?  Well, I'm a Jesus girl. So at home I let it remind me to come to the feet of Jesus like it says to in Matthew 11:28 "Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." I need the reminder sometimes.
I hope this leads you to some Pintsperation of your own. (do you like that? I just combined Pinterest and inspiration into one word!)
Happy Monday!
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Amelia Poulisse said...

haha I love this! You crack me up. But I absolutely love where you put it in your house :)