Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We celebrate V-day here at the Beaber house. No we don't do chocolate and roses but we do have heart shaped food. Hunky Hubby is the breakfast chef in this house. Mmmm didn't he do a fine job?

This year, even though there were a thousand cute ideas on Pinterest, we restricted the heart shaped food items to pancakes. Which the boys loved. Which is really why celebrating Valentine's Day is so much fun. 
We also usually get the boys a little gift. This year, because the two older boys have been burning through paper on drawing after drawing after drawing, they each got sketch books. Seth has already used up about five pages in his.

 I also made them each a beaded book mark.  I made them from the bead stash of a friend of mine, and in the bead stash I found some little medallions that had owls on them! And there were three of them! And she said I could use them all! Perfect!

Tate noticed the owls right away and pointed it out to his brothers. They all got excited about them. It was fun that Tate looked at his bookmark close enough to notice this small, but special detail without me having to point it out. He is probably the most observant one of the boys. We celebrated the rest of the day with friends that came over for a visit. I wanted to make a cute Valentine's Day banner and decorate (using some of those cute ideas on Pinterest) but I totally dropped the ball on that. And even though we didn't eat anymore heart shaped food, I usually try and keep our lunch special by making as many things red or pink as possible. My friend actually brought over red napkins, plastic silverware, and table cloth. So even though I dropped the ball on decorations, it still worked out and looked festive. Then we let the kids decorate book marks with a valentines theme and make some cards for their friends.
It was a fun day. Plus, I was reminded of what sweet boys I have when they each thanked me and their Dad three or four times for their gifts. It's so much fun to give them things when they have thankful heart attitudes.
Now you are probably asking what I received for V-day. Well this is what my little boys did for me:

Sweetest. Gift. Ever. Needless to say I went for the deluxe. And the foot rub. And the scalp massage.
And they did a great job. I have the sweetest son's.
Hunky Hubby gave me a sweet card (that I will not be sharing with you) and a necklace (not diamond, that's not how I roll). Plus we went out to eat with one of our 'adopted' daughters as a family tonight. After 4 false attempts, we finally found a restaurant that was open and serving (this seems to be a valentines night tradition for us). The sweetest thing was that our 'daughter' treated us to dinner! Nice!
I am greatly blessed. Today was a reminder of how much love surrounds me.
I guess that's why I like to celebrate this silly holiday. Pin It

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Mary Kramer said...

You are so right, you do have four of the sweetest boys I know, I have the other two. What a wonderfully nice day!!
God is so good, ain't so!!!