Thursday, March 29, 2012

Better Than it Was


So, this blog design isn't what I had envisioned.  And for some reason on my computer the title is not in the font I chose, but at least it's not all wonky. So for now, until I become more computer capable, this will have to do. (that could be a long time, just warning you)

I hope you don't mind.

For today, all I have for you is a picture of this kid:
Here is a little comparison for you.
See how much he's grown!

Seth 7 years

Seth 7 Months

 He's so cute. Look at that grin. Ha! I love his smile in both of the photo's but the top photo really makes me smile. I love this stage in his boyhood. All arms and knobby knees and crooked teeth that are different sizes. He still has some of the sweetness of his babyhood and he still acts like my little boy, but there is evidence of the young man on his way.

He is going to be one handsome guy.

After braces of course.

I'll probably have to beat the girls off with a stick. (They seem so aggressive now a days, no more waiting on the boys to call them or ask them out.  They just jump right in there and take the bull by the horns so to speak, at least from what I've heard from some of my friends. I know not all girls are like that. Thankfully.)

Here's our first spring flower. It didn't have to try and push it's way through the snow this year. We've been having some unusually warm temps. This week, it finally feels a little more like spring than an early summer. I just wasn't ready for 70's. You can argue with me if you'd like.

Annie isn't complaining about the snow being gone. She loves this time of year. She can sit outside most of the day and watch over her little kingdom.

That's all for now, enjoy your evening. Pin It


Jill Whitmarsh said...

I LOVE the smile!

The Beaber Family said...

Me too. It's a mark of their growing up, that snaggle-tooth grin. I remember pictures of myself looking quite similar in the smile department.
It means they are growing up.