Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring + Boys + Mud = FUN!

Is there anything a boy likes better than a good mud hole?

Not much, except for maybe an ATV to ride through the mud hole.

Of course, getting stuck in the mud hole would be a pretty fun thing to do.

(Even though he was told to steer around the deepest part of the mud hole.  It just magically sucked him right in. Hmmm, I wonder how that happened?)

Fortunately, there was a Poppa who came to the rescue.

Getting covered in a little mud is all  just part of the fun.  No worries mom, I didn't mean to get my new pair of pants all muddy!

It seems like knowing the difference between play clothes and good clothes and church clothes is a little bit of a challenge to comprehend.

(I have made a very important discovery. If you spray the muddy clothes and put them in the wash right away, while the mud is still relatively fresh, and you wash in hot water, you can actually get most of the mud out. If you wait until the next day, you are sunk. You just invented a new type of dye for your kids clothes. That mud will never come out.)

There he goes, off to ride some more and get stuck again. (He only got stuck twice that day). Can you blame him? That mud hole really does look irresistible.

Seth had a better time maneuvering the dirt bike around the mud hole, or maybe just a healthier fear of getting stuck ankle deep in the gooey wetness.

Stay tuned - there may be some pictures of this kid racing this bike this summer. He thinks he wants to give it a try.

Goodbye Mud hole -

Hello bath tub.

See all that residual dirt. That is what was left over from only one little boy.

Summer is coming.

And we plan on enjoying it. Pin It

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