Friday, June 8, 2012

Fresh Pickin's

Hunky Hubby and the maintenance boys drove through Clintonville yesterday. On their way through, they saw a sign letting them know that the strawberries were ripe for the picking. 

So of course, being the good maintenance boys that they are, they stopped and picked.

It just so happens that we had invited the maintenance crew over for dinner that night.

Lucky them. 

They were able to eat the fruits of their labors.  (o.k., that was a lame joke)

Mmmm, the first strawberries of the season were sooooo good. 
Sweet, juicy and so very strawberry tasting.  Nothing in the store can compare to berries picked warm out of the field. 

  We wanted to have the maintenance boys over for dinner before the summer got too busy and we didn't do it at all.

These are the guys that will work with Dan and Troy on a daily basis for the whole summer.

First we have Josh:

He has actually been Troys intern all year.  He also grew up at camp, his dad is the Dean of Students for N.B.I.

Then there is Ben:

This picture isn't a very good representation of Ben.  he's usually quite happy.  I think he was just hungry when I was taking this picture.  He did get to dinner a little late.

And then there is Harry:

Harry is probably the biggest country boy that was born and raised in the city that I've ever met.

Of course, don't forget their fearless leader, a.k.a. Hunky Hubby:

I don't think the guys liked having their picture taken, what do you think?

Of course they've got Dan the maintenance man on their team too, but he didn't make it to dinner so I don't have a picture of him.  But if you've ever been to SBR, you know who Dan is.

These guys will be taking care of all things maintenance around camp this summer.
So they deserved a good home cooked meal.
They have some of the most unglamorous jobs on camp. 
I believe the other day Hunky Hubby came home and told me he had spent the afternoon cleaning out the septic tank. 
I said septic tank.

Would you want to do that?
Me neither.

We also enjoyed our first batch of corn on the cob that night.

It was sweet and good!  I'm sure it was shipped from some southern state as our WI corn is only about 3 inches high.  But we still enjoyed it!
I followed a tip off of Pinterest to cook it.  It was so easy!
You bake it in a 350 degree oven with the husks on for 25-30 minutes. 
The husks peel off easily when it's done and it steams beautifully.
Thanks Pinterest, I'll be using that trick again.

So, if you see these maintenance guys around camp this summer, be sure to say hi and thank them for all their hard work.
Thanks for stopping by!

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