Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No More School!

As of June 1 we were done with school!!!!!!

As in finished, completed, over, achieved, concluded, executed, finale, terminated or however else you would like to say it. (see, I learned something this year too!)

Although we had a good year, I am glad to be finished. 

So are the boys.  Want to see?

Seth had to be a bit of a shyster, of course. 
However, I think the joy really radiates off of Tate and Wyat.  No guessing how they feel about school being over. 
In fact, Tate looks a little maniacal. Maybe I pushed him a little too hard at the end?

We celebrated by going out to eat that night as a family.  We went up to Pickerel for a fish fry at the Hill Stop.  I made sure to tell my boys how proud I was of all the hard work they had done that year.  Wanted to end things on a good note you know. 
Maybe then they would kind of forget what a crazy mother they sometimes have. 

Overall, I love home schooling my boys.  I love being with them and sharing a love of learning with them.  I love being the one who teaches them a new concept.  I love being the one who gets to see the light bulb come on after working hard at understanding something new.  I love to get hugs from my oldest son all day long.  I love hearing them laugh in the middle of the day, even when they are supposed to be quiet.  I love to see their excitement. 
Yeah, there are bad moments.  Yeah, I lose my patience (probably too much).  Yeah, it can be hard. 
But none of those things override the good things. 
The good far outweighs the bad. 
And I am glad.

Glad summer is here!
It's time for a break!
Don't you agree?
How do you celebrate the end of a school year?
I'd like ideas for next year.
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